Solar-Log™ Protection Package - Promotion

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Solar-Log™ Protection Package - Promotion

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Solar-Log™ Protection Package

consisting of:

  • Solar-Log 300 or Solar-Log 1200 - please choose your option
  • overvoltage protection set

Numerous factors could negatively influence the operation of a PV plant and could lead to a reduction in production or, in the worst case, to complete yield losses. PV plants are particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes and overvoltage since they are usually installed in exposed locations. A PV plant must function properly to be worth the financial investment. This requires a well-thought-out protection concept. It must protect against external surges like lightning strikes as well as internal surges from equipment problems, such as the inverters. 

Protect your PV plant before any damage can occur.

The Solar-Log™ over-voltage conductor is a two-stage protective circuit with a gas-filled surge arrester as its coarse protection element. The precision protection consists of suppressor diodes. This maintenance-free conductor is used to protect data and signal lines. This device protection has been specially developed for retrofitting the RS485/422 interface of the Solar-Log™. It is easy to install in just a few quick steps. Failures due to power surges are minimized.It is recommended to check the functionality of the conductor at least after every lighting season.

 That's good to know!

Usually, insurance only covers damage from a direct lightning strike.

The basic coverage of many household and homeowners' insurance policies includes coverage for lightning strikes directly on the premises. Extra policies are often needed to cover surge damages caused by indirect lightning strikes, e.g. surges via the power lines. New insurance policies usually already contain such clauses, but often with compensation limits. You should definitely check what your insurance policy covers and the limits are due to the use of the house or apartment. Make sure that the coverage is sufficient; do not forget to calculate the cost of your expensive devices, such as TVs, stereos, computers and, of course, your PV plant.


** This offer is stand alone and cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or contracts. Promotion package are avaiable till June 30, 2017**

Technical Data

Number of inverters: 1, up to 100
Plants size: Max. 15 kWp, Max. 100 kWp
Functions: Measure power consumption, Detect System Errors, Optimize your own consumption, Apps & Portal
Connections: Ethernet (LAN), RS485, RS422, S0

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