Smart Energy

Your Power – Your Rules

Power from your own PV plant is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and independent. With the Solar-Log™ Smart Energy , you set the rules – from the energy production of your PV plant to the energy distribution to your electrical household appliances, charging station e-mobility, visualization of battery power and heat pumps.



The Solar-Log™ has several functions to assist with the most efficient utilization of your self-produced energy:

  • Managing electrical appliances
  • Temporal presentation of energy balances
  • Notification for surplus energy

Managing electrical appliances

Smart plugs fit on top of existing electrical outlets and are used to measure and to control the power consumption of the device connected to the outlet (washer, dryer freezer, etc.) and send this data to the Solar-Log™. Each individual socket can be displayed in the Total Consumption graphic. This helps you to easily identify power-hungry appliances.

SolarLog_Belkin_Netzwerk-Stromsteckdose_WEB     Belkin WeMo Insight Switch



Interesting components that complement the Solar-Log™ and make your system even more efficient.


EGO Smart Heater for Solar-Log™

Screw-in Heating Elements
Thanks to the combination of the Solar-Log™ and the EGO Smart Heater, surplus PV power can be used to heat water which can also be used later when stored in combination storage tanks. The heating elements are activated to operate at different levels from 0 to 3500 watts depending on the amount of surplus power.

This offers savings potential and increases the degree of self-sufficiency, especially in the summer and in transitional periods when there is a high amount of surplus PV power. No fossil fuels are needed by the water heater boiler with this technology. The Solar-Log™ web interface offers a quick and simple way to configure the settings for the EGO Smart Heater.. 


Solar-Log™ and IDM Heat pumps

Heat pumps
Combining photovoltaic with heat pumps offers another potential way to optimize the consumption of self-produced power. The basic idea is to use surplus PV power to run the heat pumps. Here, depending on how the heat pump is connected to the Solar-Log™, a release signal or the surplus is reported to the heat pumps.

Even more advantages for plant owners

  • A building can be used as a heat buffer storage.
  • Energy efficient buildings (i.e. energy-efficient building shell) are especially well suited for this.
  • The target temperature in the rooms is then maintained by the IDM heat pumps depending on the selected comfort mode.





Solar-Log™ Smart Relais Station

Data transfer
The potential-free relays of the Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station are suited for the control of motors and pumps as well as ventilation, drying and air-conditioning systems – appliances for which the time of day that they consume power can flexibly adjusted. The Solar-Log™ receives a response with the consumption values from each individual relay.

The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station offers additional connection options, 3 x 3.5 kW. With the Solar-Log™ up to 10 appliances can be controlled, i.e. 3 x 3 plus one appliance.