Monitoring is a comprehensive term for the immediate, systematic review of a process. This is done by measuring a process by means of technical aids.

In our case, it is done with the help of the Solar-Log™




Why do I have to have my PV plant monitored?

There are many reasons why people decide to operate a photovoltaic plant  Some see the investment in a photovoltaic plant as an opportunity for profit and others use the generated power themselves to be as independent as possible from electric utility companies and their price adjustments. Yet others are convinced that this technology is a deciding factor to help to make the successful transition to clean energy (Energiewende). They all have the same expectations  – a plant that functions without losses and limitations.

However: Deterioration and defects occur in all technical equipment. That is why we continually check them: We take our cars to mechanics for regular servicing and go doctors for health checkups. 

However, who ensures the trouble-free operation of your PV plant? - With perfect and precise monitoring of your PV plant!

You wonder if your PV plant is producing the expected yields that were calculated for the financing of your PV plant?
You would like to get the most out of your PV plant and have an overview and control of your plant at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Then choose the German quality brand Solar-Log™.