Solar-Log™ PRO380 three-phase current meter, MID (calibrated), RS485


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Solar-Log™ PRO380 three-phase current meter, MID (calibrated), RS485

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Product Description

Solar-Log™ PRO380-Mod 3 - phasig

A power meter relays the measured amount of power to the Solar-Log™ for analysis. If you wish to consume the self-produced power from a PV plant, the meter serves as a consumption meter, displaying a comparison of the power produced and consumed. Connections: External tariff switching / 4-pin S0-Out for A+, A- /2-pin Modbus interface Direct connection: 100 A Typ: calibrated Self-consumption: < 2 Watt - 10VA per phase Measuring range: 20 mA - 100 A LCD display: 6 + 2 Digits

Technical Data

Solar-Log™: 1900, 300, 1200, 2000
Categories: Feed-In Management, Smart Energy
Type of accessorie: Smart Energy, Meter

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